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NHL takes the lead in supporting equality, on and off the ice

NHL takes the lead in supporting equality, on and off the ice

In light of the NHL’s highly publicized support of the “You Can Play” campaign, which includes statements by some of the League’s top players saying they support an open, homophobia-free…


Sports’ big seat at the mentorship table

It seems that Charles Barkley is changing his tune when it comes to being a role model. (Shilling for Weight Watchers will do that). I think Charles’s point was always…

Derek Boogaard

Is this our brain on sports? Who is protecting our most valuable asset?

The New York Times recently published an excellent, and very disturbing, 3-part series on the life and death of Derek Boogaard, a National Hockey League (NHL) player. Boogaard, who was known as…

Veterans Day 2011

Veterans Day – A day of recognition, a lifetime of support

We have written before about recognition of certain causes, e.g. Breat Cancer Awareness, that entail a dedicated period of heightened attention (in that case, October). We have applauded those efforts…

Coaching for success on and off the field – Joe Ehrmann

Coaching for success on and off the field – Joe Ehrmann helps get our priorities right

We came across a story about a former NFL player who has established himself as both a thought-leader and an action-leader when it comes to the development of young people…

Sports holding hands

Sports as promoter of people, ideas, and tolerance

As we have just recognized and acknowledged in our own ways the 10th anniversary of the attacks of 9-11-01, we now begin a new day. September 12 now seems almost…

Muscat - Sultan-Qaboos-Sports-Complex-M

A dual approach of CSR and sports to produce double the results

Offering cash and gifts as reward for great performances is not new in sports, whether for individuals, club teams, or national teams. We have seen this in various national sports…


One city’s plan for sustainable sports success

There have been numerous news stories involving finding adequate space and facilities for people to play sports. Kids, adults, amateurs, and pros alike can benefit from area design that takes…

Final logo coach

Save (Sports and) Service Summer Mobilization Campaign

We had a chance to reconnect with friends from Up2Us and the Sport and Development Project (Brown University) this past week in New York. The night was full of fun…

Green Sports Alliance logo

Green Sports Alliance and AEG – a power partnership

We just had a vote here in New York regarding the building of a new arena for the NHL’s New York Islanders. (Vote for a publicly-financed facility did not pass)….