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GAMECHANGERS|Sports Micro-Venture Fund – microfinancing CAN change the game

Since the pioneering efforts of Muhammad Yunus and the Grameen Bank, the idea of microfinance has captured the imagination and attention of individuals, organizations, and companies in the development world….

U.S. U-17 WNT

US soccer’s embrace of their sisters in Haiti

Earlier this year we featured a story on a game between Under-17 women’s soccer teams from the U.S. and Haiti. Played shortly after the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti, the young…

Bud Selig scholarship

Will history judge him well? Selig funds a scholarship that just might answer that.

Two stories in a row dealing with Bud Selig? What is the world coming to?!?!  MLB Commissioner Bud Selig and his wife, Sue, endowed the Allan H. Selig Chair in…

Afghans Celebrate the First Day Of Eid al-Fitr

Respecting the game, respecting the culture

Bringing sports and all of its related benefits to those young and old is a wonderful gesture, one that helps elevate those now enjoying and developing through sport, and those…

Team unity

Should football pass on, run by, the practice of hazing?

There was a minor controversy that took place at the professional sports level, which is funny since most people would associate the source of this controversy to take place at…


Olympic champions providing a level playing field…and swimming pool

So much of what is challenging for young athletes is having access to basic and then higher-level resources – whether equipment, field-space or money. That is often the case when…


Trekking to new heights

It is said in the world of entrepreneurship that in starting a new company or organization, “go with what you know.” Leverage your past experience and current expertise. It is…

Pocono Solar Farm

NASCAR races to the sun

Some companies, organizations and sports entities are not thought of when you hear “environmentally-friendly” or “sustainability.” By things can change and those folks can not only change, but even serve…


Aug. 18 deadline – Voting in Nike/Changemakers “changing lives through football”

Nike and Ashoka’s Changemakers have again partnered up on a competition that brings together energetic, inspiring individuals and organizations and their local and worldwide supporters.  Building on the success of…


Rural challengers – the love and impact of sports knows no boundaries

Providing access to sports and all its related positive effects can be a challenge even in the most developed locations. Money, infrastructure, eduation, etc. Even when it’s all there sometimes…