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A baseball player finds his place to help others find theirs

We highlight a story from my alma mater, Georgetown, which is representative of activity we are seeing with high school and college age individuals. So many from these groups are…


A must-have in the football playbook – CPR training

As we get full into fall sports season, we are seeing the beauty of sports in full display. We are seeing hard fought games from the youth to professional levels,…

Aisam Qureshi (left) and Rohan Bopanna wearing Stop War Start Tennis shirts at Wimbledon 2010

Double effort – Bopanna and Qureshi go for the tennis and diplomacy title

Tonight, at the U.S. Open in New York City, the doubles team of Rohan Bopanna and Aisam-Ul-Haq Qureshi will be playing the Bryan twins for the title. Both doubles teams…

U.S. U-17 WNT

US soccer’s embrace of their sisters in Haiti

Earlier this year we featured a story on a game between Under-17 women’s soccer teams from the U.S. and Haiti. Played shortly after the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti, the young…

Bud Selig scholarship

Will history judge him well? Selig funds a scholarship that just might answer that.

Two stories in a row dealing with Bud Selig? What is the world coming to?!?!  MLB Commissioner Bud Selig and his wife, Sue, endowed the Allan H. Selig Chair in…

Milwaukee Brewers1

A tangible sign of appreciation – Selig, Brewers, and a bronze statue

There are many opinions about Bud Selig, current commissioner of Major League Baseball, and founder of the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team. We say many instead of two opinions because it…

Team unity

Should football pass on, run by, the practice of hazing?

There was a minor controversy that took place at the professional sports level, which is funny since most people would associate the source of this controversy to take place at…


Olympic champions providing a level playing field…and swimming pool

So much of what is challenging for young athletes is having access to basic and then higher-level resources – whether equipment, field-space or money. That is often the case when…


Feet, hands, soccer, tennis – Nadal and Djokovic have it all!

Fun stuff from great tennis players and pretty good soccer/futbol players as well. An embarrassment of riches as they say. Click here to watch a fun video.

Sport in Society

Sport and development in good hands

Good acts borne from and/or related to sports in the modern era have been around since those sports were first “created.” That is what is inherent in sports, i.e. working…