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Sports Doing Good Newsletter, #48

Feb. 24 – March 2, 2013 Welcome to week forty-eight of the Sports Doing Good newsletter. Many of the stories we highlight deal with individuals and groups doing good works…

Sports Doing Good Newsletter, #47

Sports Doing Good Newsletter, #47

Feb. 17 – 23, 2013 Welcome to week forty-seven of the Sports Doing Good newsletter. There is so much good going on in and around sports that it is important…

Newtown NASCAR
Arthur Ashe
Fauja Singh retiring
Grassroot Project
Russell Wilson
Glad's House

Glad’s House and the Street Child World Cup

UK-based charity, Glad’s House, is using sport as a positive way to engage with street kids in Mombasa, Kenya. When the charity was founded six years ago, Glad’s House had…

Mike Manzella

A legacy that stands the test of time

I had the opportunity today (Saturday) to sit back and think about legacy. I was thinking of my own, that of my family and friends, and those individuals in society…

A Sacred Amendment? How about the right to play?

We ended 2012 with a tragedy that befell 20 members of a group we hold especially close to our hearts, i.e. children. What happened at Sandy Hook rocked our collective…