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Parkour UK

Sports Doing Good Newsletter, #246

Jan. 15 – Jan. 21, 2017 Welcome to week two hundred and forty-six of the Sports Doing Good newsletter. This week’s 10 stories include: On Dr. Martin Luther King Jr….

Grassroots Hoyas

Grassroots (fill in your school, location, etc.) sports, development, etc.

We came across a story that captures a number of ideas that we often see individually in stories. The interesting thing was how these individual ideas were found in one…

Tom Walter

Baseball coach Tom Walter and The Gift, in his own words

Sports, especially team sports, gives participants, everyone from players to coaches to trainers and all others, multiple opportunities to sacrifice individual wants for the greater good. Because we know that…

A baseball player finds his place to help others find theirs

We highlight a story from my alma mater, Georgetown, which is representative of activity we are seeing with high school and college age individuals. So many from these groups are…