Global Sports Forum Themes

Global Sports Forum Themes (excerpt)


Sport does not exist in splendid isolation but as an essential cog in modern society’s wheel. It is a mirror held up to contemporary challenges which reflects both our progress and our contradictions. The tensions peculiar to our time, the conflicting aspirations of groups and individuals, globalisation, how to protect local culture and how to boost profits but still respect the environment. These are just some of the issues that impact sport; how it is perceived, how it works and how it motivates. More than ever before, sport engages, interests and enchants.

For 2 ½ days in Barcelona, the Global Sports Forum will host sportsmen and women, captains of industry, the media and sporting decision makers as they debate the real challenges facing global sport today.


When sport “gives back” to society
• Sport and philanthropy: how do athletes get involved in fostering solidarity?
• What role for sport business in this?
• The new forms of patronage in sports

Sport as a boost for social integration
Comparing the European and American models (or) Comparing various European models (France, Germany, U.K, Italy)

Fan behaviourism: towards stronger social bounds?
• What is fan’s psychology really about?
• What impact on sports organizations?

Women in sports: reducing the gender gap (in partnership with Sport et Citoyenneté)
• Promoting women equal access to sports
• More women at the top: the issue of sport governance
• Sport and women’s health
• More visibility for women professional sports in the media


Sport and sustainable development
• Sport infrastructures of tomorrow: reconciling environment and profit
• Sport values and the promotion of sustainable development
• The impact of major sports events on the environment

What are the links between sport and environment policy at a national level?

Sport as a vehicle for trust and peace
• Which role for sport in regions in conflict?
• Sport as an instruments in the hands of international organizations (UN)

Sport as a vehicle for diplomatic prestige
• International recognition through sport: the case of the Olympics
• “Strong” countries in sports: power projection on the international