Saturday Summary – Compilation of this week’s stories (Jan. 11-15)

January 11

The strategic value of environmental sustainability in sport
Referencing of article by Dale Neuburger, Director, TSE United States, regarding the growing importance of environmental issues and policy, for its own sake, but also as a strategic tool for bidding cities and major sponsors.

All in a Knight’s work
Article from The Oregonian about Phil Knight and his widespread support of the Univ. of Oregon’s athletic program.

January 12

Girls on the Gridiron – 2 stories
A photo and video essay on the women’s flag football league at the Univ. of Florida, with great quotes and visuals of these young ladies competing.

The second story is about a program being supported by the NFL’s Flag Football Leadership Program that gets middle school-age girls in New York involved in the sport and healthy competition.

The Captain of the Team
Referencing of an article about respected basketball executive Jerry Colangelo and the new book, “Return of the Gold: The Journey of Jerry Colangelo and The Redeem Team.”

January 13

Lending an ear and a hand – the power of mentoring
Discussion about the value of mentoring and a story from about Dexter Pittman and how his experiences allowed him to serve as a mentor to a young man going through some of the same difficulties.

Dialing up grassroots programs
Coverage of Deutsche Telekom Group’s expanding commitment to sport in the community and in schools.

January 14

Two minute warning – Who Gives? campaign ends tomorrow
Reminder about the Athletes for Hope-sponsored program in which dozens of athletes were looking to raise money for their respective causes.

Relief efforts in Haiti – Your knowledge counts
A note to those in or at least interested in the world of sport and development and how their experience-based knowledge will inevitably be needed for those working in Haiti, including MLS player Seth Stammler’s Sporting Chance Foundation.

The situation in Haiti – the world of sports helping
Referencing of a few stories coming in of those with a connection to the world of sports making early contributions to relief efforts.

The situation in Haiti
Several athletes of Haitian descent with professional sports careers in the U.S. have spoken out about this tragedy and are encouraging everyone to help. Included with the articles are a couple of video interviews.

January 15

Pepsi Refresh Project – submit your ideas!
Mention of the new competition in which people can get various levels of funding to support their community-focused projects. (video included)

Walter Iooss – a sampling of legendary work
Mention of photographer Walter Iooss, Jr.’s featured exhibit at the Newseum in Washington D.C, including a video interview with Walter showing some of his great photos and a link to others, including his favorite 12 photos for SI.