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Sports Doing Good, a property of The Kaur Group, is built on the idea of sports being fun, inspirational and being a tool for positive social change. The concept and practice of corporate social responsibility and social entrepreneurship are now rooted firmly in the mindset and actions of thousands of individuals, companies and organizations around the globe. This website is part of a movement to both drive the growth of and highlight the good work already being done by those in and around sports.

Our goal is to have Sports Doing Good be a portal housing original content and excerpts from and links to the increasing number of articles, websites, video, and other sources that showcase the good in sports and and its relation to social responsibility.*  We aim to celebrate those concepts, activities, events, and individuals by highlighting them for a wider audience. Much of the news today, whether sports related or not, is incredibly negative and increasingly polarized, biased, and quite annoying. We are trying to refocus some of the discussion on the good related to the world of sports. sportsballs

*Note: In addition to sports and social responsibility, this overall movement is also captured by terms such as sport and development, sports philanthropy, and sports and social entrepreneurship, amongst others, but the basic concept is the use of sports to improve our lives and the lives of individuals and communities worldwide.

Our mission is to have Sport Doing Good be a consistent, and significant, contributor to the area of sports, social responsibility and development. We look forwarding to partnering with other stakeholders when it comes to the creation and/or sponsorship of athletic and service events, knowledge sharing, conferences/seminars, and/or having a commercial arm that will produce apparel and accessories.

We invite you to post comments, send in guest pieces for publication, and/or email us with suggestions about the content and format of the website and opportunities to work together.

Thank you.

Sab Singh

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