Run for a Dream

Great opportunity for those interested in running a marathon and a great model for those organizations looking to attract donors in a creative way. To learn more about Run for a Dream, please see below and to find out more about Lend-A-Hand India, please visit

Run for a Dream is a marathon training program that helps you achieve your dream to run a marathon, help those in need, meet new people, or simply get in shape. Whether you run fast, slow, or haven’t run before, we WILL get you to the finish line!

Why participate in the Run for a Dream program?

This training program offers you:

  • Expert and Professional Training from a certified marathon coach
  • Customized coaching designed specifically for your running ability
  • Personalized Run Schedules with your daily mileage goals
  • Weekly Group Runs with the RFD Team to gain support and make running fun
  • Social Events to meet fun and energetic runners and share experiences
  • Running Mentors to answer questions and keep you motivated

What You Give

  • Train according to your weekly schedule
  • Raise funds for Lend-A-Hand India’s work with underprivileged youth ($2,620 for full marathon and $1,310 for half marathon) We include the matching gifts by the employers as part of your fundraising target which means you almost have to raise half the amount !

We created a marathon training program so you can achieve your dreams and help others achieve theirs. The first two years of the program saw over 60 runners finish their marathons or half marathons and raise over $100,000 to support Lend-A-Hand’s mission to make a difference in the lives of impoverished youth. Most of them were first-time runners in their 20s, 30s, and 40s from various professional and personal backgrounds.

Run for a Dream offers professional training for runners who raise money on behalf of Lend-A-Hand India (LAHI), a non-profit improving the lives of poor youth by providing access to education, vocational training, career development, and entrepreneurial opportunities. More on the mission of LAHI.