Serving and Serving Time

Another thought-provoking piece from the folks at ESPN’s Outside the Lines.

Written by Alexa Pozniak, “San Quentin inmates hold serve” looks at a unique public/private partnership. And like many public/private partnerships, there is some doubt about whether the situation should be happening at all.

There is no doubt, however, that we have a major problem in this country with too many individuals in jails, on probation, or on parole and with high rates of recidivism. “Prison culture” may seem like an oxymoron for those with a particular idea of what culture implies, but we cannot be ignorant to the reality of the world from which many of these individuals came and in which they currently live. It seems that this tennis court provides a safe haven for the physical and mental well-being of everyone who participates.

Alexa’s article can be found at with the video excerpted here.

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