Hall of Fame giving

I heard from Natalie Krueger at the Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame (BASHOF) in San Francisco.  (www.bashof.org) According to Natalie, “BASHOF isa 501(c)(3) organization with the dual goals of enshrining the Bay Area’s great athletes and raising money to help kids play sports. We host three annual fundraising events: a golf tournament, all-day sports auction, and enshrinement banquet, where we induct 4-5 athletes each year. All of the proceeds from these events are used for sports equipment grants to youth athletic groups in the Bay Area.”

Right at the BASHOF site you see its purpose stated clearly: “Honoring Sports Legends to Benefit Sports Programs for Youth Today And Develop the Leaders of Tomorrow.”

I really like the idea of a Hall of Fame as it serves multiple purposes.  Acknowledging great figures from the city’s sporting history gives us an opportunity to learn about and appreciate their wonderful accomplishments and how those events have figured into the history and development of the city itself. And with the added mission of using resources to fund programs for youth in the community, it provides a clear sporting link to the city’s present and future participants and their families.

All the best to BASHOF and similar organizations around the country.