Reminder: New Models of Social Responsibility: A Global Virtual Summit (CSR)

New Models of Social Responsibility: A Global Virtual Summit (CSR)

November 5 & 9

Conference Premise:

For social responsibility (or CSR, green, sustainability or corporate citizenship) efforts in large and small organizations, you might say we’re in the perfect storm. Just as all budgets are under severe pressure, key stakeholders are expecting organizations to be not just for profit. And the new social media tools raise the bar of communicating about social responsibility honestly and transparently, or risk being accused of “greenwashing.” Yet all organizations can reap benefits (branding, recruiting, marketing, etc.) from integrating social responsibility into the fabric of the business. This means there’s a big need for efficient knowledge sharing about what’s working and what’s not in the field of organizational social responsibility. This annual virtual (and green) summit is intended to:

  • Expand understanding and visions about the business case for social responsibility globally
  • Spark more organizations to think out-of-the-box when starting and or evolving their programs
  • Share ideas and practical, how-to information on managing and communicating social responsibility programs on a budget that can work for organizations of any size, anywhere.
  • Build a knowledge resource and avenue for ongoing dialogue and learning that will feed the agenda for future summits

Please join us for this ground-breaking summit that is using the latest communications technology to reach everyone who can help add to the knowledge necessary to to make social responsibility the way all organizations conduct business.