Good move with Dungy, but don't forget about Haynes

More consistent communication between the league and its players should help to identify areas of need that existing or new programs may be able to address. I am hoping that Michael Haynes, Vice President of Player and Employee Development for the NFL will be very involved as well.

I also hope that we see the NFL and other leagues begin to hold more fan advisory forums in the future.

The full article by Barry Wilner from AP can be found at;_ylt=AuVWE69kPU3CdkpAGUT070QdsLYF?slug=ap-dungy-playerforum&prov=ap&type=lgns, with an excerpt below.


Dungy to lead player advisory forum

NEW YORK (AP)—Tony Dungy is taking a lead role in improving communication between the NFL and its players.

Dungy will lead a new NFL player advisory forum that will meet with players about league policies, programs and issues that affect their lives on and off the field. Those subjects will include player health and safety, personal conduct, game rules and procedures, career transition and player development.

Dungy, who retired as coach of the Indianapolis Colts after last season, is a special adviser to commissioner Roger Goodell.

“Input from the players to the commissioner’s office and vice versa is so important in helping our league and our players be the best they can be, on and off the field,” Dungy said Thursday. “The commissioner asked me if I would lead this initiative and to me it is exciting to be in a position to help our players.”

Goodell will attend the meetings, and union officials have been invited to attend. Pro Bowl players Kurt Warner(notes), Ray Lewis(notes) and Brian Dawkins(notes) are among the players who will take part in the meetings.

“Players continue to be an invaluable resource in providing direction and insight into a wide range of programs and policies,” Goodell said. “Tony’s experience and expertise in working with players make him an ideal leader of the player advisory forum and we appreciate his willingness to take on this important role.”

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