Frito-Lay, Tostitos, USO, and a little football

Joe Favorito has a new column you can catch at The Huffington Post. His most recent commentary we believe you will find both interesting and moving.  In light of a host of unfortunate news stories, including of course Tiger Woods, and other on-the-field unsportsmanlike behavior, it is easy to get caught up in the mainstream media swarm and miss good work, interesting work, exciting work being done out there. Joe’s piece reminds us about that. 

You can catch Joe’s piece at, with an excerpt below.

Joe’s piece highlights a great program being put together by PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay Division (Tostitos brand), the USO, and a group of great former college players and coaches, including Tennessee’s Tee Martin, Georgia’s Garrison Hearst, Nebraska’s Tommie Frazier, and BYU’s Ty Detmer.

You can find the press release from Frito-Lay at


Forget Tiger’s Problems and Find the Heroes Now…
Dec. 4, 2009

Tiger’s infidelity…Serena Williams nails a record fine for threatening to nail a U.S Open lineswoman… The Florida Panthers’ Keith Ballard takes out his teammate, goalie Tomas Vokoun, with a tomahawk chop to the head… So this is what we watch and who we want our athletes to be?

Luckily the world of sports still provides us with action and a serious dose of role models, although sometimes we have to look a little harder and dig a little deeper than we should. For every Serena tirade we had her sister Venus being honored first by the March of Dimes for her work with children and then with the Jefferson Awards for Public Service for more philanthropic work. For every Chad Ochocinco outburst we have the New York Giants’ Justin Tuck and his Rush For Literacy program that benefits needy kids with literally thousands of books and programs to promote reading year-round. For every self-indulgent indiscretion that surfaces for the world’s greatest golfer, we have Derek Jeter, using his style and grace as a team captain for the New York Yankees and grabbing the Sports Illustrated Athlete of the Year award.

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