Relief efforts in Haiti – Your knowledge counts

For many of you who live and breathe the world of sports and development, who have programs all around the U.S. and around the world, the conditions in Haiti before the earthquake and and certainly now, are unfortunately the type of reality you see every day. But that is what makes your efforts so necessary and admirable.

As time passes, the needs in Haiti will certainly be there, as they are with programs being run in other similarly devastated and/or impoverished areas, whether caused by natural disasters, war, or long-term disregard.

As weeks and months pass, Haiti will still be in need of so much. This is a country that was getting by on very little before the earthquake. Individuals, organizations and governmental agencies committed to rebuilding and then sustaining a strong Haiti will need help. And while money, food and products will surely be needed, knowledge regarding to build sustainable, efficiently run programs will also be important. So knowledge can be power, to power to lift the citizens and the country of Haiti.

To learn about one organization already in Haiti, please check out an article  by George Vecsey at the New York Times on the efforts of MLS player Seth Stammler. Seth, who after visiting Haiti in 2006 with then teammates Jozy Altidore and Jerrod Laventure, and the musician Wyclef Jean, started the Sporting Chance Foundation.

You can read George’s story on Seth, Haiti, and Sporting Chance by clicking here.