All-star caliber assistance

On the day he received the National Civil Rights Museum Sports Legacy Award* along with legendary HOFer Oscar Robertson, Alonzo Mourning announced that his just-created partnership with former teammate and All-Star Dwyane Wade to encourage fellow NBA players to raise money to support Project Medishare and its efforts in Haiti, had already received commitments totaling $800,000.


Please click here to read the article from ESPN that lists many of the players, including LeBron, Durant, CPIII, who are contributing to “Athletes Relief Fund for Haiti”, as well as efforts of players from the NFL. The actions from those in the world of sports has been fast and furious. And that is needed as the situation in Haiti sorely needs quick response. And it sounds, as D. Wade says in the video that goes along with the article, that their efforts will be sustained.

*You can watch the video of Alonzo and the Big O being honored and hear the wonderful things they had to say by clicking here.