Giving HIV a red card

Over the past 7+ years, Grassroot Soccer (GRS) has created and implemented curricula, programs, and strategies for expansion that have seen its efforts educate more than 300,000 kids in several African countries about HIV prevention and provide life skills.

GRS recently launched a new concept and communications program, one that incorporates that dreaded symbol of bad behavior in soccer, the red card. The organization appropriately employs that symbol in its lessons about being smart about risky behaviors, effectively giving those behaviors a red card, and sending them off the field.

“As a communications platform, the campaign is a call to the like-minded to join  in Grassroot Soccer’s goal to educate 1 million youth through its programming by 2014. As an organization whose impact on over 300,000 lives in 13 African countries is owed to partnerships and collaboration, Grassroot Soccer will open up the campaign to key strategic partners in order to expand the campaign’s reach and impact. Through such collaborations, the Red Card will be increasingly visible as the World Cup 2010 draws nearer.”