Help New Orleans win again

We have covered the organization 9th Ward Field of Dreams before. Brian Bordainick and his colleagues, friends, students, and broader community in New Orleans are trying to build a state-of-the art football field and track that will be enjoyed by all public schools and community members free of charge. It is a tangible testament to the recovery from the devastation Hurricane Katrina caused in the 9th Ward and to the power of people, near and far, to support one another in a time of need.

We have seen the power of social media over the past two weeks in response to the tragedy in Haiti. While Twitter was all the rage, Facebook had a role, and still does for literally thousands of other efforts. 9th Ward is taking to an aggressive Facebook fundraising campaign over the next 3 weeks. 9WFOD has already raised over $1 million and we need $750,000 more before Valentine’s day to open on the 5th anniversary of Katrina.

To help with fundraising through Facebook, please follow these instructions.

1. On the main page of the 9th Ward Field of Dreams Causes page, click the Impact Tab.
2. On the left-hand side of the screen, click “$ Donated.”
3. Scroll down the screen, on the right hand side, click “Set a Fundraising Goal.”
4. On the right-hand side, in the “Personal Fundraising Pledge” box, click “Pledge to Raise.” Your fundraising link is also on this page, you can send this to people outside of the cause – even people not on Facebook.
5. Fill out your pledge amount (be ambitious!) & set a deadline of Feb. 14, 2010 (this is when we are looking to lock down our support by in order to be open for this year)
6. Send out your pledge to all of your friends using the Causes application!

Why New Orleans? And why the 9th Ward
In 2005, Hurricane Katrina devastated the 9th Ward eliminating most public housing and destroying Carver High School. Currently, Carver High School operates out of 8 prefabricated trailers in the parking lot of the storm ridden school. The football team practices on an abandoned lot, and the track team runs in the pot-holed streets. In less than a year they can be playing in a state-of-the-art stadium. As of this current date, the 9th Ward lacks any public space of the like. This project has been a rallying point for the city of New Orleans, and will raise the bar on civic engagement post-Katrina.

Hope is a game changer.
Please note that you can still donate directly through the 9th Ward Field of Dreams website.