Something to cheer about – High School Rudy Awards

The High School Rudy Awards presented by Trusted Sports, “honor student-athletes who most completely represent the ‘Rudy’ on their team…someone whose contribution and commitment inspires others to excellence.”

This year’s winner surely does that. Louisiana native Calob Leindecker lost his leg in a car accident caused by a mudslide when he was 16. Despite having to endure nine surgeries and the amputation of his leg, he never gave up his resolve to recover and to play football again. Amazing.

Congratulations to Calob, his family and his community and to the other winners and nominees. And congratulations to Trusted Sports for creating a platform to recognize these student-athletes. Considering the number of online votes for these great nominees, it is clear that the general public was moved by what these young folks have accomplished.

You can read more about the winners and the Awards by clicking here.