NFLPA part of effort to block violence against women and girls

We are staying with the football-themed postings today – it is Super Bowl weekend – with another item involving the NFLPA. The Association is showcasing its commitment to the eradication of mistreatment of women and girls by signing on to two campaigns.

First, the NFLPA is joining the U.S. Justice Dept’s year long campaign to commemorate the 15th year anniversary of Pres. Clinton (fellow Hoya) signing the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). Having “Joined the List,” the Association is part of a group that includes actors, musicians and other athletes, who have lent their names to raise awareness of this issue with their fans, through Web and fan sites, and social networking profiles.”

Secondly, the Association announced a partnership with the Family Violence Prevention Fund (FVPF) on their “Callout Card” contest, which is part of the FVPF’s That’s Not Cool teen initiative.  According to the press release, “the contest is designed to engage youth and invites teens to create “callout cards” that can be used to raise awareness of teen dating abuse.” The NFLPA will be offering an opportunity to attend special events and will provide autographed merchandise in hopes of having young people participate in the contest.

The issue of the (mis) treatment of women by athletes has garnered attention in the past, and deservedly so. It was more than 1 isolated incident. However, as is certainly the case, most athletes do not participate in this type of behavior and we applaud again the NFLPA for taking a stand and supporting causes that bring to everyone’s attention our need to be diligent in addressing this problem.

To read the full release, which includes a list of the athletes and celebrities who have “Joined the List,” please click here.