NBA All-Star weekend plans? On location in Haiti

As NBA All-Star weekend is fast approaching, Samuel Dalembert of the Philadelphia 76ers has different plans than over-the-top partying in mind. Dalembert, who lived in Port-au-Prince, Haiti until he was nearly 14, is planning to use the All-Star break to go back to the earthquake devastated country and help rebuild.

Before a game last week, Dalembert mentioned that he has been given a parcel of land by the Haitian Government. He is planning to use the land to build a center for children that will include recreation facilities, classrooms, a computer center and a cafeteria. (You can read the full article by clicking here.)

“I talk to people there, and they tell me there are so many kids on the street, thousands, and with no school there’s nowhere for them to go, nothing for them to do,” Dalembert said. “I have a location that will be easy for them to come to. It will be a place where, if I bring players over, we can have a camp, have something really nice for the kids.”

While there are trade rumors whirling around Dalembert and the struggling 76ers, he’s not focused on that; he’s got bigger things to worry about.