All the way from British Columbia

And it has nothing to do with the Olympics!

We came across a story that more captures the work that so many of you already do than anything brand new but we felt it deserved a place here.

I teach a class at St. John’s University in New York and this past week we talked about youth and high school sports. One of the key issues is the reduction in funding for sports all across the country and the impact it has on the existence of programs.  So many are having to do with less or adults and kids are having to find ways to fund their own programs and teams. Seems like this is the case in Canada as well.

Thankfully there are thousands of willing individuals out there who lend their time as coaches and officials so that young people have opportunities to play and reap the benefits of sports.

To read about a community in which this is taking place – and yes, it is in British Columbia – please click here. You will come across words and phrases such as social responsibility, community ambassadors, sportsmanship, leadership, pride, and life-long love of sports, amongst others. All of these should bring a smile to your face.  🙂