A true silver (medal) lining

I never watch ice hockey. (Or field hockey for that matter.) Nothing against the sport, just never played it and don’t have a vested interest in the players or teams from the NHL. After yesterday, that might change. At least a little bit.

I watched the entire USA-Canada gold medal hockey game. Amazing stuff. I did have a team to root for (USA! USA!) even if I didn’t know many of the players outside of Drury, Parise and Miller. I was glued to the TV set. And when I sneaked over to the gym during the break before the 2nd period, I ended up joining several folks who slowed down their treadmills and bikes, and put down their weights, so they could concentrate on the action taking place on the screen. (Please click here for an article highlighting the viewership numbers in the U.S.)

While I won’t be buying season tickets to any of the local hockey teams, my appreciation of the sport and its players grew exponentially watching one game. I find it hard to believe that the NHL, at least its senior leaders, would take away the best showcase for its sport that there is. There are business implications, sure, to taking a long break during the regular season. But that is exactly what it is…regular. The Winter Olympics are a wondrous event and the NHL should do even more to leverage its participation in it.