A Family of Acronyms working together

Last week the U.S. Fund for UNICEF sent out a press release that expressed its gratitude to so many from the world of sports who have given so generously to support Haiti emergency relief and recovery efforts. According to UNICEF, various national sports organizations, teams and players have generated $2.9 million through fundraising initiatives. This includes contributions from MLB, MLS, the NBA, NBPA, NCAA and USTA, among others.

In addition to providing necessities such as food, water, shelter, protection, and health care, according to the press release, UNICEF is also taking into account the mental and physical health of the people of Haiti, especially young people.

“UNICEF recognizes the critical role of sports and physical activity in children’s lives. To date, UNICEF has distributed 150 school tents, 390 school-in-a-box and early childhood development kits and 410 recreation kits for 10 rural departments of Haiti. Regular physical activity can provide a cooperative and supportive environment to build resiliency and social cohesion. The process of helping children to restore their social, mental and psychological health during emergency situations is critical and vital.”

Wonderfully stated.

For a complete list of the over 45 sports teams and organizations that have committed resources in support of UNICEF’s Haiti relief efforts, please visit www.unicefusa.org/sportssupporthaiti.