Recognizing the "All-Stars Among Us"

We at Sports Doing Good aim to recognize the good that goes on in and around sports, whether that involves individuals, teams, companies or non-profits.  We hope that others are inspired by and can learn from what others are doing. If anything should be copied, it is the good we see in society.

We have highlighted efforts to encourage such activity (e.g. Pepsi Refresh Project) and awards that draw attention to those who in their own way are making a difference and whether they know it or not, are real role models for others (e.g. Rudy Awards).

And we are glad to report another campaign, this one involving one national pastime, baseball, again supporting another national pastime, helping others. Major League Baseball and People magazine are bringing back the very successful “All-Stars Among Us” campaign. Introduced in 2009, the joint effort seeks to highlight the amazing work being done by everyday citizens. The recognition is a wonderful nod to these folks but it also serves as a way to publicize their work and hopefully support its growth. And as with the Pepsi Project, Rudy Awards and many other similar efforts, the process of identify and learning about nominees is incredibly valuable in and of itself.

Please visit to read Mark Newman’s great piece on this year’s program.

And to nominate someone, please click here.