Literally fighting for Haiti

The earthquake in Haiti was a tragic event that unfortunately ended the lives of thousands, injured many others, and left countless homeless and struggling to find their way to any sense of normalcy. And indirectly it impacted hundreds of thousands of relatives, friends, and just concerned citizens of the world who feared for the safety of their loved ones and fellow men, women, and children. Our lives stood still for a moment. For others, it has been much longer.

One of those individuals impacted in a major way on Jan. 12 and since is champion boxer Andre Berto. Andre was born in Miami to Haitian parents and has been active in humanitarian causes in that country, even before the earthquake. What transpired that day and since added another level of gravity and urgency to those efforts.

But Andre is a fighter, a professional at that and his life must go on. That 
seems to be the task for so many others others who have been involved in the relief effort. The challenge is to live that life without forgetting and contributing to those lives that were brought to a standstill. Considering that Andre’s first fight since the earthquake is part of a card billed as  “Fighting for Haiti” and that some proceeds will go to the relief effort, it seems that Andre is meeting that challenge. (The fight is Saturday night, April 10)

To read the full article about Andre and his upcoming fight from Santos A. Perez, “Andre Berto ready again after crisis in Haiti,” at the Miami Herald, please click here.