Haiti Updates – April 12-16

Anniversaries are a time to reflect. Hopefully it is recognition of a happy time but certainly there are instances when the occasion is much more somber. In either case, it is an important time to take stock of where we are as individuals and/or as a community.

April 12 is the 3-month anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti. This was a tragic event that changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in Haiti and through family, friends, and former residents, of those around the world. The response from all across society when it came to the relief effort those first couple of weeks was incredible. Those from the world of sports – teams, leagues, players, coaches, governing bodies, and non-profits, and of course fans – were major contributors during that time. And they continue to be.

But as news regarding politics, the economy, international relations, war, another natural disaster (the earthquake in Chile) and the ever-present celebrity scandal comes across the wire, in the newspaper and on TV, even the most significant of stories can be lost to some degree. As we hit this 3-month anniversary of the earthquake, we think it would be valuable to catch up with those who have continued to be part of the relief effort in Haiti to hear what they have been doing, progress being made and future plans.

We hope to make this a regular feature for this and other major stories. Future anniversaries of the earthquake will hopefully, and we know it will take time, move from stories about tragedy and despair and more towards joy about the progress being made. And those are stories we will make sure are not lost.

So this week, we will hear directly from MLS soccer player Seth Stammler and his Sporting Chance Foundation; FIFA (the international governing body of the world’s most popular sport); and Peace and Sport, a leading NGO in the sport and development movement; along with updates on efforts by others in sports.