Finding his, and our, way through

Much in this world frustrates me – I just read that Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin in the past year made $32 million and $12 million, respectively, for being “of the people” and “leading on principle.”  Idiocy will take you a long way in the U.S., especially if you work for a certain broadcast network.

Thankfully, I am lucky to come across so many stories of those who inspire for the right reasons. (and you won’t get fleeced in appreciating their good works) Most of these individuals and organizations don’t get such high profile attention and certainly not the dollars for their efforts to just better themselves and to help others in the process. But flash-in the-pan zealots are not who build a sustainable movement. Those zealots are ultimately exposed, often to themselves, for lacking substance. On the flip side, there are so many more individuals and organizations (I include corporations in that mix) whose impact is sourced from a will to improve themselves and what they see around them.  That builds a foundation for positive energy and good works. The story below is about such an individual, a young man who is blind but who lives his life with no limitations. Truly inspiring.

To read the full story by Colleen Kane from the Chicago Tribune, please click here. You will also see a great video with the article. (if want to see the video of Tony Hawk with Tommy, which is referenced in the article, please click here)

‘Never count yourself out’; Blind high school runner and teammates collaborate with such ease that the extraordinary becomes ordinary

Heather Charles, Chicago  Tribune / April 16, 2010
Glenbrook South junior Tommy Carroll, center, who  is blind, runs
with teammate senior Tim Kreutzfeldt, right, during the  800mm event
at the track meet at Libertyville High School in  Libertyville.