Kicking & Screening. Movies, soccer, oh my

Take two pastimes, soccer/futbol and the movies and you get the Kicking & Screening Film Festival. We have been fortunate to support the efforts of founders Rachel Markus and Greg Lalas. The Film Festival starts one week from today in New York City (June 1-5 at Tribeca Cinemas).

The name of the festival alone should be enough to get you there but there are additional reasons: great feature films and documentaries, compelling panel discussions, appearances by directors, pro soccer players, celebrities (including you), and part of the proceeds from the event will be going to Play31.

This is a noble event that seeks to bring together fans of sports, movies, and diverse cultures. The films being shown are from all around the world. Makes sense when it comes since we are talking about soccer (Kicking) and movies (Screening).

Please visit to see the full film and event schedule. You can also check out Facebook and Twitter: @KSFilmFest.

About the Kicking & Screening Film Festival
Founded in April 2009, the goal of Kicking & Screening (K&S) is to bring together filmmakers, fans and movie-goers to celebrate the beauty, love, and passion of soccer as captured and expressed on film. This annual festival includes a variety of works, from narrative classics to insightful documentaries that move, inspire, and entertain. K&S/NY 2010 boasts growth over its 2009 New York City run, with a total of five feature films and six shorts complemented with special guests, including Simon Kuper (Soccernomics) and Ethan Zohn ( Survivor, Grassroot Soccer).