Ahmedabad Ultimate Integrity

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“Ahmedabad Ultimate captures the spirit of the game”


“Unlike many other sports, Ultimate is played without traditional referees; instead, the players themselves mediate the game. This mode of self-refereeing upholds the governing “Spirit of the Game” philosophy of Ultimate as the sport places the responsibility for fair play directly on the players.

This “Spirit of the Game” philosophy instils Ultimate with a unique spirit of  sportsmanship that encourages a tradition of mutual respect and unity among all players – both on and off the field.”

Sacrificing integrity, whether personal or with respect to an activity, e.g. sports, may spur short term benefit. Maybe it is more money, fame, the support of “important” people. But the long-term impact is surely negative in terms of credibility, the respect of others, and even the money and fame that was sought after. And maybe even worse, sacrificing individual integrity may chip away of the sport or sports organization that is enjoyed by so many.

We are encouraged by the Spirit of the Game philosophy because we do see it a lot. The challenge for all of us is to maintain that spirit in the face of difficult times and short-term gains, for if we can do that, the integrity of sport will be more than defended, it will be championed. And is the ultimate reward.