Up and close and personal (New England’s Leadership Blitz)

I don’t play golf. Good chance I never will. I know that precludes me from “making business deals on the course” but I think I am okay with that. I did,  however, feel like I was missing out on fundraisers that were built around golf events. With many such events having steep entry fees – I know they are trying to raise money – and spots often filled with retired athletes, it seemed that sports teams and pro athletes were limiting their reach and the value of the interaction with those willing to donate.

The New England Patriots of the NFL have introduced a new program that seeks to extend its reach. Called the “Leadership Blitz,” 100 supporters of the team’s causes will get to do a “day in the life” of a Patriot. (I would love to be Tom Brady. Hi Giselle) The program allows these supporters to see what their favorite athletes go through, to hear from coaches, tour the facility and to interact with each other.

There will always be room for golf events but we hope that more creative efforts like the Leadership Blitz become commonplace.

You can read more about the effort by clicking here for Ian Rapoport’s article at BostonHerald.com.