FIFA's Hope for Football (and Football for Hope)

Our friends at have created a page featuring projects built around or leveraging the 2010 World Cup. You can find that page
by clicking here
. (I was hoping there was a project involving banning the vuvuzueulas but no such luck.)  🙂

One special initiative is the Football for Hope Festival taking place July 4-10. It is but one of many efforts of FIFA related to the World Cup and its broader social development campaign. The governing body has a mission to grow the sport and to make it as accessible as possible to the global community (“Hope for Football). It has also made a commitment to help use the sport to affect change at all levels. (Football for Hope)

We excerpted the following from Emanuela Citterio’s article at, “FIFA: That’s why we believe in a social 2010 World Cup.” The article consists of another interview with Federico Addiechi of FIFA, whom we highlighted yesterday, and discusses one of FIFA’s key programs at the World Cup.

“We are hosting an event that we will showcase the work of our partner social organizations. We have pledged to support them even after the World Cup ends. From July 4 to 10, the Johannesburg township of Alexandra will host the Football for Hope festival.  Thirty-two teams made up of children from these communities will gather and play in a special stadium built in Alexandra. July 2 and 3 have been declared two days against racism. The quarterfinals will be dedicated to the fight against discrimination and after the games the team captains will read a declaration against racism. The One Goal campaign will also be launched during the games. It is a campaign that urges the international community to do more to extend universal education throughout the world.”

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