Sports. Society. Entrepreneurship.

BloombergBusinessweek just announced its top 25 social entrepreneurs list and we highlighted those that have some connection to sports, recreation, or the leveraging of resources related to one or the other.

Each of these companies, along with the 22 others, combine their business savvy and social consciousness to drive change. The challenges of being an entrepreneur and effecting change can alone be daunting; together maybe overwhelming. That is why the efforts of these individuals and their supporters are so impressive. They are committed to be going-concerns, ones that may be able to have a lasting change for the benefit of individuals, communities, and the world.

Global Cycle Solutions

“In the summer of 2008, Global Cycle Solutions brought its first peripheral, an altered corn sheller attached to a bicycle, to farms and villages in Arusha, Tanzania. GCS’s peripheral device did not only shell corn 40x faster than by hand, but it also brought an affordable service that saved rural villagers from arduous manual labor. This novel implementation of a simple yet valuable technology became a powerful income-generating opportunity for the entrepreneur. Replicating this model can spawn a network of impact, creating livelihoods for thousands of entrepreneurs while providing clean, affordable bicycle-mechanized solutions to those in need.”

Mobis Transportation Alternatives

Mobis is a consulting and management firm that helps clients plan, develop and operate multimodal transportation systems. Mobis operates a network of innovative transportation systems through Bikestation, Citywheels and Citybikeshare brands.  In addition to our deep planning experience, what truly sets us apart is that we have developed and grown our own bicycle and multimodal transit centers. We have been through every stage of the process, from planning to operations, and can commit the full range of our experience to ensure that our clients succeed.”

The Redwoods Group

“The “Redwoods Group Insurance Program for YMCAs” is an 
independent offering of The Redwoods Group, Inc. The Redwoods Group and its insurance programs are not connected with, sponsored or authorized by the Young Men’s Christian Association of the United States or its affiliates.”

To see the full run down of the top 25 please click here.

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