Teaming Up in 2010 and beyond

Our friend Tyler Spencer, who founded the Grassroot Project, further amazed us with his Team Up campaign, which brings together at-risk youth in Washington, DC, and South Africa, uniting them in a cultural exchange and HIV/AIDS education program to bring the global battle against AIDS to the 2010 World Cup. The students have shared so much, from cultural and athletic experiences, to educational lessons that will not only enrich their lives but those in their respective communities.

We strongly encourage you to visit the very entertaining blog that was kept by the students and the Grassroot project staffers. We loved reading the essays from the students and their on-the-ground reports. They were not only the beneficiaries of the trip, but the ones who brought so much value to it. And that type of self-learning and actualization is so impressive.  This is an experience these young people will never forget.

The website is and the blog can be found at Great stuff.

And yes, they got to see a World Cup game! Brazil v. Ivory Coast. Not bad. 🙂