Thanks to the World Cup, a slight respite in Haiti

The UN’s Office on Sport for Development and Peace has new videos at its YouTube channel. They are all great but we were especially taken with the one that shows how the UN mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH) along with FilmAid International set up two large screens to bring the entire World Cup live to the Stade Silvio Cator, Haiti’s national stadium. Under the slogan “Antre gratis ti cheri” or “Entry is free, my dear”, 10,000 free tickets are distributed daily.

The World Cup, as we know, is a true global event, one that elicits incredible joy, passion, and a host of other feelings amongst millions and millions of fans around the world. And this includes fans whose countries are not participating in the final 32. Soccer/futbol is a global community, and it would be a shame for anyone not to be able to take part with their fellow brothers and sisters. So we applaud everyone involved in bringing the event via broadcast to many in Haiti. The earthquake in January was catastrophic and hurt the country’s ability to become more engaged with rest of the world economically and socially. Getting a chance to see the World Cup is one way for some in the country to reestablish a connection.

Please check out the video by clicking here.