Green Bay Packers plant roots on and off the field

A positive trend over the past few years is the use, by teams and individuals, to tie in performance on the field of play with a socially responsible effort off the field. We have seen blocked shots in basketball tied to raising money for cancer, home runs tied to donations to food banks and other worthy efforts. Not only do these tie-ins raise money, they are a tremendous attention-raising mechanism. 30 home runs means 30 mentions of the campaign, for example.

Recently the legendary Green Bay Packers of the NFL announced it will plant a tree for each first down they make this season as part of their new First Downs for Trees program. The team is hoping to plant at least 300 tress next spring in more than 20 villages, towns and cities across Brown County in an effort to reduce the team’s carbon footprint.

The Packers are known for many special things, including having amazing fans and winning championships (and cheese of course). The tree-planting program will help ensure that the team’s legacy can be seen and felt in another special way.

To read the full article from McLean Bennett at the Green Bay Press-Gazette, please click here.