Growing cricket’s participants and community

We came across a story that combines elements of sports, entrepreneurship, social responsibility and personal development. Perfect for this site! is a full-service cricket company, i.e. they offer news and media content, training, and equipment. And for a sport that is just scratching the service, cricket benefits greatly from having such a dedicated multi-platform supporter.The U.S. is a sports-heavy nation. No questioning that. It is a fact that any “emerging” sport has to deal with. We still get the (annoying) argument about the value of soccer/football because it has not cracked the mainstream sports market. First off, who cares, if it is the most popular sport worldwide. And two, it is not for the lack of brilliance and value of the sport. We are just saturated with sports to play, attend, and watch on TV in the U.S.  Amazingly, such saturation is not prohibiting the growth of new sports. It just makes it a bit harder to get established.

Lacrosse continues to grow. We are have seen a host of action sports break through. Specific women’s sports have grown in popularity. Will they be “major” sports. Again, who cares? They have to be activities that people can enjoy and for those really serious about them, ones that can make money for the organizations that support them. That is what will classify them as successes.

So we congratulate DreamCricket for not being intimidated by the task at hand. Their support of youth cricket will sow the seeds for this “new” sport (at least new in the U.S. 🙂 )  Please click pledges 100 free cricket kits for USA cricket development.  Delivers 15 kits to USYCA. to see the full article, with an excerpt provided below.


“In its position as Official Equipment Supplier, DreamCricket will provide cricket sets for USYCA affiliates’ use in their schools programs.  The kits sold through USYCA affiliates will be sold at a discounted rate. The discounted rate will also apply to children in USYCA programs that wish to purchase sets of their own. In addition, for each set purchased from, a donation will be made by to USYCA.”