Sports media – Making it your own game

In reading about the International Wheelchair Basketball Federation (IWBF) we came across coverage of its World Wheelchair Basketball Championships, held this year in Birmingham, England. Looked like a great event.

Part of the reason it looked like a great event is that the website of the Great British Wheelchair Basketball Association (GBWBA) is so good. No skimping here on news, photos, and commentary. The online content was of the type and quality seen for most major sports properties. And that is what is so encouraging.

Getting mainstream coverage for your sport, event, company and/or fundraising campaign is tough. It’s tough because there are thousands of others looking to do the same. These other entities may be better funded and have better name recognition or relationships with media. However, you deserve attention.  And with the way technology is today, you can do it yourself. And that is more than fine.

Great commentary, news, photos, video, audio, live streaming, and social media are elements of the “new” media company. No matter if you are a niche or early developing entity, in some way or form, you will have access to these elements and can create our own presence, reaching your current audience and setting the stage to attract, educate and entertain so many more who come across your effort for the firs time. (That is what happened with us and the IWBF and the World Championship)

One of our goals at Sports Doing Good is to bring attention to events, organizations and efforts like the Wheelchair Basketball Championships. We are but a small part in a changing landscape of what constitutes media, mainstream media, and media-worthiness. Today, all of us can have it in our own way.

Check out the site and learn more about the GBWBA and the World Championships by clicking here.