World AIDS Day – let’s team up today and everyday

As we have said about special months dedicated to specific causes, we feel the same about “special” days. We applaud these campaigns for their ability to raise awareness. We also encourage those already in the fight and especially those who may still be interested in joining the fight, to use this day as a jumping off point for even greater efforts and resolve.

Today is World AIDS Day. Amazing work has been done at every level – from individuals to corporations, from non-profits to governments. Efforts through sports entities and/or individuals and organizations with a connection to sports are certainly part of the fight to eradicate this deadly condition. Not only are organizations like Right to Play working to educate people, especially those from the younger generation, about the threats of the disease and their ability to act smart to limit their vulnerability, they are working to remove the stigma attached to those who may be HIV positive or who have AIDS. These individuals do not deserve scorn. They deserve support and love. And as we have said before, you can find an abundance of that in the world of sports.