Rallying around a friend in need

We came across the story of a young man, 14-year old Jared Williams, who became paralyzed due to a hit in a football game last year. No doubt this story has an element of tragedy around it. Yet it also has elements of perseverance, hope, and supporting one’s fellow man.

Much has been done to help Jared. As you will see in the article at Yahoo! Sports, the Jared’s community – one that extends beyond his hometown – has rallied to provide him a foundation that will allow him to pursue the life that he wants. And that life seems like it will include being there for others. His pay-it-forward gesture in light of an injury to another young player is proof of that.

We wish Jared, his mom, and his community all the best. So much is being done medically in this area that we should all find hope that Jared and others will make the type of progress what was once viewed as impossible.

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