Steps up the (sports) corporate ladder

We don’t normally highlight job opportunities – though that may change – but we came across one that we fill is representative of the growth in importance and complexity of corporate social responsibility efforts. As you will in the job description below, we have highlighted key terms that speak to CSR’s integration in the core business strategies of a company, rather than be a side, independent effort.  There is also language that brings forth the multiple stakeholders involved and the the various areas in which a company is now sensitive to when it comes to CSR.

Whomever gets this job will obviously be very qualified. S/he will also have a lot on their hands. In the world of business, that means the job has become a high priority. And that is great to see for those involved with sport and social change, development and responsibility.

Senior Director Corporate Social Responsibility

Posted/Updated: 11-07-2010 Job Status: Full Time
Job Description:

As a global brand of footwear, apparel and accessories, our company is held – and holds itself – to the highest standards of responsible corporate citizenship. We’re seeking a highly talented and qualified candidate who can help us maintain these standards by managing our complex network of factories, distributors, customers and consumers, fully integrating our corporate responsibility efforts into our core business strategies, and guiding us to be a more accountable corporate citizen.

The Senior Director of CSR will be responsible for ensuring that the department contributes to and collaborates in support of our company’s long-range plan — and works closely with the CSR committee of our Board of Directors. This person will lead a diverse global team responsible for managing the organization’s four areas of focus within CSR: environmental stewardship, global human rights, community engagement and transparency & reporting.

Specifically, this person will be responsible for:

Leading our company’s effort to demonstrate environmental leadership and reduce our impact as a global brand. This individual will assume responsibility for a fully integrated environmental strategy, which includes reducing our energy use and carbon emissions; improving the environmental performance of our products, stores and packaging; and promoting environmental responsibility within our internal community and in our global supply chain.

Ensuring that the human rights standards set forth by our code of conduct are adhered to and enforced by all of the company’s vendors and suppliers worldwide. The Senior Director will lead the effort of our factory assessors to create sustainable social and environmental changes through education and training, and collaborate with other brands and NGOs to promote sharing of best practices and improve the quality of life for workers throughout our supply chain.

Creating a global standard for community service through innovation, regional relevance and employee engagement. The Senior Director will drive community engagement through our internal Path of Service and service sabbatical programs and through strategic partnerships with external stakeholders who share and can help perpetuate our vision of strong, healthy, sustainable communities.

Executing against our commitment to transparency and reporting by engaging stakeholders in candid dialogue around our corporate responsibility initiatives and performance. This individual will ensure that we are measuring and reporting on our CSR efforts effectively to a diverse set of stakeholders who can help inform our CSR strategy and ultimately deepen our understanding of our impact on the world and advance our approach to environmental stewardship and social justice.


  • Education: Master’s Degree
  • Experience: 10-15 years of experience in strategy development on CSR issues in either a business or NGO setting. Demonstrated experience in the areas of employee coaching, management, development and engagement. As a key spokesperson on CSR issues, the Senior Director must be able to communicate complex and challenging messages to a wide range of audiences.
  • Qualified candidates must demonstrate leadership behaviors consistent with the company’s values of humanity, humility, integrity, and excellence.
  • The right candidate will have strong written and verbal communication skills. Must have strong analytical and strategic planning skills, research skills, and be able to manage multiple priorities effectively.
  • The candidate must demonstrate an understanding of how to operate in a complex supply chain by collaborating to build relationships with employees, suppliers, distributors, NGO’s, and other brands.