Two updates from leaders in the field – sportanddev and Beyond Sport

The International Platform on Sport and Development ( released their weekly update on Facebook. A couple of the stories, to which you can link to, are copied below. Remember to sign up for the Platform’s informative newsletter and to follow them on Facebook. They’re great.

In S&D news, check out the story on how the SCORT Foundation is encouraging Social Engagement in a Remote Region of Sri Lanka Post Civil War.;

FARE Network holds seminar in Amsterdam on Institutional Discrimination.;

And from Beyond Sport, there was an announcement regarding its seminal event, the Beyond Sport Summit.

Entries to the Beyond Sport Awards 2011 are open until 15 March, 2011.

There are 12 categories for the Beyond Sport Awards 2011 covering the entire sporting spectrum of health, social inclusion, corporate and social responsibility, and philanthropy.

These categories are split into three clear sections – Beyond Sport Community Awards; Corporation and Federation Awards; and the Judges’ Awards.

The Shortlisted entries from each category will receive:

  • A free invitation to the Beyond Sport Summit 2011 in Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Flights to and accommodation during the Summit
  • Access to Beyond Sport’s global network of international sports organisations, company leaders, and influential political figures
  • Opportunities for business mentoring and to become members of the most influential group of social entrepreneurs ever assembled around sport

The winners of the six Beyond Sport Community Awards will receive a minimum of $15,000 funding each and a package of substantial business support to enable them to move forward and become fully sustainable in the future.