In the middle of it all – Netanya Hoops For Kids

The Middle East is often in the news. (You think?!?!). It is often the center of conversation involving conflict, where a sense of cooperation is attune to an oasis in the desert. But that region, of course, is not only about despair. There are so many wonderful things in that part of the world, including examples of that sense of cooperation that we so desire and cherish.

We were contacted by David Lasday, Program Director at Netanya Hoops for Kids. Netanya Hoops For Kids utilizes sports and professional sports figures to build community and teach children life skills. The Israeli coastal city of Netanya is a community made up of people from around the world. The city is home to people from Russia, France, United Kingdom, and Ethiopia. Netanya prides itself as a sports town. (No matter where you are, people love and often identify themselves with the sports they play and watch).

Netanya Hoops For Kids is building on the love of sports by partnering with the Netanya Municipality and Netanya Foundation to use sports to do good. (Hey, that sounds like the name of a certain blog we love). The program works together with youth sports leagues, schools, after school programs, and professional sports teams.

Together with Netanya Hoops For Kids professional basketball players from Barak Netanya run life skills basketball clinics which focus on teaching teamwork, communication, and goal setting. According to Netanya Hoops For KidsĀ  David Lasday, “We utilize the status of professional athletes as role models and changemakers to bring the community together and show children the values and life skills in sports.”

We want to thank David and his team for getting in touch with us and for their great work. To keep up to date with Netanya Hoops For Kids join them on Facebook.