Peace and Beyond Sport – recognizing and promoting great work

My guess is that many of you are already familiar with Beyond Sport and Peace and Sport. If not, please take a few minutes to visit the site for each organization. Both of these sponsors of great efforts undertaken by individuals, teams, leagues, and organizations hold conferences and associated awards programs to bring attention to these works and to discuss ways to scale these and other efforts. The sport and development movement is not unlike a host of commercial industries and enterprises in that best practices matters. We need to applaud the efforts of those who have found ways to execute strategies to successfully achieve their stated goals. Beyond Sport and Peace and Sport do just that.

Both organizations have made announcements recently about their upcoming conferences and award programs.

Peace and Sport 2011 International ForumRegistration open; time to apply for awards; provisional program for International Forum available, etc.





The latest Peace and Sport newsletter can be found by clicking here.


Beyond SportShortlisted projects, registration for Summit, etc.