Video: Margatania, FC – The Little Team sends some big messages

Part of the motivation of creating Sports Doing Good was to create a spot positioned away from or in contrast to stories that are negative in nature, or worse, absolutely trivial and mindless. We didn’t care how many women Tiger Woods slept with. Enough people were writing about that. A-Rod’s steroid use? Yeah, that is being covered. We wanted to highlight inspiring, fun, amazing stories. You know, the good stuff.

One of my teammates on my soccer team sent along a video and said, “really cool video.” The video is definitely cool. And it absolutely is filled with “good”.

This 9 minute video captures the efforts of a youth soccer team in Margatania, Spain. These very young football/soccer players embody all the beauty of sport, the attitude that we should aspire to have not just on the field, but off the field as well. Their smiles are infectious, hopes goals small and large, and perspective on the meaning of the game instructive. This is the Bad News Bears without the “bad.”

And kudos to the parents as well who come across in the video as incredibly supportive and having a great attitude about the game and the kids’ participation.

We strongly recommend this video and happily count ourselves amongst those on the Margatania bandwagon!