2 major events: Beyond Sport United and Blogs with Balls

Beyond Sport, who we have covered multiple times for their incredible efforts in their area of sport and development, is hosting a special event tomorrow night in New York, featuring representatives from a number of teams and leagues.

The inaugural Beyond Sport United event will be another forum for these and other individuals to discuss sports and social change/ development initiatives, best practices, and plans for the future. What makes this event unique is the location, it is taking place at Yankee Stadium, and the attendees. We look forward to hearing about what was discussed and featuring some of those takeaways here.

And this past weekend, we had another event, not focused on sport and social change but one that was special for its amalgamation of leaders in the world of sports media, entertainment, digital and publishing. Much of what is changing the landscape of sports at every level, in every area (including the sport and development area) is being enabled or at least enhanced by advances in social media, including blogs. Hey, we like to think we are part of that world as well!

To learn more about who was at the event and the whole Blogs with Balls effort, please click here.