On the losing side but still victorious

Yesterday was not a good day sports-wise. I started off the day with a 2-0 loss in a soccer game. I proceeded to then watch my favorite team, and alma mater, Georgetown, lose a very winnable game against North Carolina State University in the NCAA Tournament. I topped off the day with a loss in co-ed touch football in Brooklyn. I am woozy with disappoint but instead of wallowing in sorrow, I am going to (try to) bask in the glow that is participating in sports and rooting for one’s favorite teams.

I am lucky to have the physical capability to still play a sport I was introduced to as a 7-year old. About 35 years later, I am still out there on the field, with a couple of guys I have known for that long. I hear friends from friends who are continuing their love-affair with sports in a variety of sports leagues, including basketball, baseball, and softball, amongst others. The social benefits, coupled with the health benefits, has more than a few of my family and friends still “in the game.”

And what about the Hoyas? Just add them to the long list of teams I follow who don’t seem to do enough to win the title (or any title for that matter). The losses don’t both me…as much…but they still worsen my mood without fail. The difference is that the severity of the mood swings is a lot less.

So why stay a fan? For the numerous times I find myself emailing, texting, or speaking with friends about the latest exploits of the team, for the opportunities to reminisce about the “almost” championships, and to talk about what the team needs to finally become elite and heaven forbid, with a championship.

And it is for all of these experiences and others that drive us to stay involved with sports, whether as a participant, fan, coach, referee, administrator, etc. It is why so many support the efforts of individuals, organizations, and companies all around the world who appreciate everything sport has to offer on an individual, communal, and global level and are committed that people of all ages and abilities get their chance to play.

So yes, today was not the best day for me in terms of sports. But if I think about the big picture, I definitely came out a winner. (hey, no injuries!!)