Sports Doing Good Newsletter, #3

April 9 – April 15

Welcome to week three of the Sports Doing Good newsletter. There were a lot of great birthday wishes this week so we say a hearty “Thank You” for that.

We were once again blessed with a plethora of stories across all categories. Our “Do-Gooder of the Week” came from People Doing Good. Mrs. Rachel Robinson, the wife of the great Jackie Robinson was profiled by Sports Illustrated on the 65th anniversary of Mr. Robinson’s entree into Major League Baseball. So much of what is great about sports has to do with inclusion, not exclusion. We play together, we cheer together, we love sports together. Sixty-five years ago we were given a seminal moment from which to build a better sports world and by extension, a better world overall.

It was great to get stories from some of you. Please continue to send those along. You are both our audience and our best source of stories. Finally, if you think others would like to receive the newsletter, please feel free to forward it on or have them contact us.

So enjoy. And have a good week.

Fun Doing Good:

Eight-Year-Old Balls With UNC Squad (video)
Ask any resident of North Carolina draped in baby blue if they would like a chance to play hoops with their beloved Tar Heels, and almost all of them would put it on their bucket list. Many Carolinians got that wish yesterday as members of the Elite 8 squad played pick-up games with students and fans at the campus’ Cobb Court.

NHL Gives Fans Chance to ‘Drink from Stanley Cup’ in Times Square (Video)
The NHL has erected a 21-foot high, 6,600-pound replica of the Stanley Cup trophy in the middle of New York City’s Times Square from Wednesday until Friday to kickoff the 2012 playoffs.

Jeff Francoeur sends 20 pizzas to A’s fans
Francoeur, an outfielder for the Kansas City Royals, had 20 pizzas delivered Wednesday afternoon to fans sitting in the right-field grandstand at the Oakland Coliseum. He also sent along a signed bat, with a personal message inscribed. That’s quite a gift package. To what did the Oakland folks owe such generosity? Why in the name of another Jeff – Spicoli – would he buy them pizzas? For more, please click here.

Athletes Doing Good:

After Late Start, Runner Is Speeding Through Records
Life can bestow unexpected gifts, and sometime in her late 40s, Martin, a real estate agent living on Long Island, a busy working mother who had never been in a track meet, discovered a glorious secret hidden away in her body. Not only was she a good runner, she was also an outstanding one. In fact, she was one of the most remarkable female distance runners in the world.

Georgia youth baseball star’s success with one-hand inspires (video)
Like many Little Leaguers in Georgia, 6-year-old Reece Holloway dreams of growing up to be like Chipper Jones. The diminutive elementary schooler has plenty of talent on his side, too, but that’s where physical similarities between Holloway and most of his teammates end, for a powerful reason: Holloway only has one hand. (please see below in Media Doing Good for link to former pro baseball player Jim Abbott’s new book)

West Virginia prospect Bruce Irvin ditches burglary, drug game for shot at NFL
This is what Irvin’s life had come to since dropping out of high school, when things started to go wrong and his mother threw him out of her home. By the end of the night he would be in jail, and it appeared likely he would be headed there again, or prison or something worse. Anywhere but on the verge of the NFL draft.–west-virginia-prospect-bruce-irvin-ditches-burglary–drug-game-for-shot-at-nfl.html

Teen girl from Afghanistan to box at Olympics
Sadaf Rahimi, a determined 17-year-old student, wants to become the new face of Afghan women, gaining honor and dignity for herself and other women in here war-torn country and improving their image worldwide. She will get her chance this summer in London, where women’s boxing makes its Olympic debut.

Organizations Doing Good:

Senda and Street Soccer USA partner to fight Homelessness (video)
Senda Athletics is a free trade start-up soccer company.  This means that there is no child labor, the working conditions are good, the hours are reasonable, the pay is appropriate, and that they are able to further develop their community.  Senda, led by founder Santiago Halty, has partnered with a few charities and soccer-related organizations both domestically and internationally, including Street Soccer USA.

Doc Wayne Athletic League – Roundball Therapy
Doc Wayne, from the beginning, has focused particularly on youth who are burdened with complex trauma, combined with serious emotional disorders, substance abuse, and severely challenging behaviors. Often this behavior of unpredictable violence has contributed to these youth being unwelcome in home, school, and community venues. For these youth, an innovative and sport based experience is offered through the medium of a therapeutic curriculum (DtG or Do the Good) embedded in team sports that maximizes their potential to achieve individual goals while providing desired outcomes. and

A Foundation for the Future: The Craig Bellamy League Captures the Young in Sierra Leone
However, the hidden value of Bellamy’s model, developed in partnership with UNICEF over the past two years, has been in ensuring that the priorities of players involved are oriented towards the factors that will benefit them individually, first and foremost. Teams have been managed over the year by Sierra Leonean volunteers, acting as coaches and managers and ensuring that the 2000 boys and girls involved in the league nationally are attending school before allowing them to compete.

Mercedes-Benz USA and Dealer Partners Commit $1.3M to Laureus Sport for Good Foundation USA to Fund Coaches in Five U.S. Cities; Initiative to Focus on Training and Placing 250 Coaches in Sports-based Youth Development Projects in Underserved Neighborhoods

The national kickoff and new collaboration begins in Chicago this afternoon with Laureus World Sports Academy Members Dr. Edwin Moses, a two time Olympic gold medalist, and Marcus Allen, Hall of Fame running back for the Los Angeles Raiders and Kansas City Chiefs, visiting Beyond the Ball, an organization that teaches youth about personal and social responsibility through sports. and

People Doing Good:

Stilian Petrov embraces support from Aston Villa and Chelsea fans; 32-year-old received sustained applause in 19th minute. Petrov pledges his determination to beat leukaemia

Before Villa’s defeat against Chelsea on Saturday, Petrov visited the home dressing-room at Villa Park. “It was great to see him there,” McLeish said. “You didn’t see anyone in tears or anything like that and the players shook his hand, embraced him and said they are with him all the way. (thanks to Richard Pinto for passing this along)

Bruce Weber’s classy gesture to Illinois fans
Bruce Weber has a message for the Illinois fan base that helped run him out of Champaign last month after his Illini missed the NCAA tournament three of the past five seasons. Believe it or not, it’s “thank you.”

(Rachel Robinson) Keeper Of The Flame (“Do-Gooder of the Week”)
It’s been 65 years since Jackie Robinson smashed the color barrier, nearly 40 since his death. Rachel Robinson—closing fast on 90, still effecting social change—has ensured that his memory and message remain as powerful as ever.

Teams Doing Good:

Wheelock College – with a liberating view of sports.
Wheelock College’s philosophy where Athletics is concerned, has people talking.  The Wildcats have been the subject of talk in the newspaper, talk radio and speaking engagements throughout he country.  Now, the NCAA takes notice as well.  The NCAA was intrigued with Wheelock’s take on college athletics and made a trip to the Riverway in late January to interview student-athletes, coaches, faculty and administrators.  Take a look at what people are talking about! Also, AD’s blog can be found at

World Renowned Basketball Team Partners with Fitness Leader to Host Basketball Clinics for Youth this Summer
For the first time ever, the world-famous Harlem Globetrotters  are partnering with fitness club industry leader, 24 Hour Fitness, to host 120 summer skills clinics for youth across the U.S.  Designed to take fans ages six to 14 behind the curtain to see the magic behind the Globetrotters’ electrifying basketball skills and tricks, participants will also learn about the importance of staying active and eating healthy. The innovative clinics will take place at approximately 40 – 24 Hour Fitness® clubs in nine states over a 10-week period this summer.

Trail Blazers announce partnership with Corix Group as part of ‘Green Week’
The event coincides with the Blazers’ fifth annual Green Awareness Game, in conjunction with NBA Green Week, where the league and its teams generate awareness for protecting the environment. Throughout NBA Green Week, the players will wear 100 percent organic cotton NBA Green shooting shirts as well as NBA Green headbands and wristbands made from 45 percent organic cotton.

Postcards of Dodger Stadium’s past
So, what do Willie, Mickey, the Duke, John, Paul, George, Ringo, the Pope, Yom Kippur, a naked gun, opera singers, Marilyn Monroe, a Mexican pitcher, a Canadian pitcher, a Nicaraguan pitcher, a Japanese pitcher, Don Rickles, John Elway, Larry David and a talking horse have in common? Los Angeles 90012. It’s the 50th anniversary of Dodger Stadium…

Media Doing Good:

‘Boarders Without Borders’ Shines Spotlight On Iran
It’s fair to say that an action sports film that shines a spotlight on international affairs, while delving into the exploration of brand new territory with Olympic athletes is exploring new territory both literally and metaphorically. Boarders Without Borders, a feature-length documentary that has been in development for several years, will attempt to do just that.

Imperfect by Jim Abbott and Tim Brown (book trailer)
On an overcast September day in 1993, Jim Abbott took the mound at Yankee Stadium and threw one of the most dramatic no-hitters in major-league history. The game was the crowning achievement in an unlikely success story, unseen in the annals of professional sports. In Imperfect, the one-time big league ace retraces his remarkable journey.

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