Sports Doing Good Newsletter, #46

Feb. 10 – 16, 2013

Welcome to week forty-six of the Sports Doing Good newsletter.

We heard a great phrase this week that we feel can be associated with the stories that we often see at Sports Doing Good. “Disdain the Mundane” comes from one of our favorite people, NBA legend Walt “Clyde” Frazier. Though Clyde may have been talking more about fashion when it said that great phrase, we took it to mean even more. That is, don’t settle for the status quo. Try to do things differently. Better yet, try to do things better. Have confidence in what you do and expect to do well.

Whether it involves advocating for women’s rights, launching a foundation for underprivileged kids, donating equipment so that a community can try to rebound from a difficult situation, or using soccer as a vehicle to develop more educated and healthy students, we see individuals and groups taking a look at current circumstances and finding an opportunity to do good. We applaud these and all of the other efforts highlighted this week.

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So enjoy. And have a good week.

NASCAR, Michael Waltrip and Swan Racing join for Sandy Hook Daytona 500 tribute
He will join NASCAR and Swan Racing to pay tribute to Newtown, Connecticut community in a specially designed No. 26 Sandy Hook School Support Fund Toyota Camry to honor the 26 victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School.

30 for 30 Shorts: Disdain the Mundane (Walt “Clyde” Frazier)
One of the most illustrious players in the history of the New York Knickerbockers, Frazier has emerged in the 21st century as a Big Apple style icon. In the ’70s he was “Clyde,” a cool-as-ice point guard with big hats and muttonchop sideburns. Today, in his role as Knicks broadcaster, Frazier boasts a wardrobe (featuring vibrant colors and shocking patterns) and rhyming couplets that Jay-Z envies.
World’s Oldest Marathoner Runs for Women’s Rights (source: Bonfire Impact)
It isn’t out of the ordinary for marathons to be used as an outlet to raise awareness about a certain issue. What is out of the ordinary is having a marathon runner whose age is in the triple digits. Fauja Singh, who holds the world record for oldest runner is soon to retire the inspirational title. However, before he does, he plans to run for a cause that has become dear to his heart.

Rockets guard Jeremy Lin launches foundation for underprivileged kids
“I’ve learned to understand what it means to have a platform and how to use that the right way,” Lin said. “I’m still learning what that means every day. I feel like this is a step forward in being able to use the attention that we (NBA players) are given from society to be able to bring it upon other people in need.
Test of Strength; NDSU finds solace in basketball
Hannah Linz’s career with North Dakota State has come to a halt with Hodgkin’s lymphoma returning. Her coach, Carolyn DeHoff, describes hearing the news and how Hannah and her team responded.
Ranking the 25 Greatest Dunks in NBA Slam Dunk Contest History
While the appreciation of the artistry behind a slam dunk is fairly subjective, the ranking of the best competition dunks of all time is always a topic of intense debate. As we prepare for the latest iteration of the Slam Dunk Contest, let’s take a look back in the annals at some of the best dunks we’ve ever seen during All-Star Weekend.
Caption: Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Muhammad Ali Center Athletes and Social Change Forum
What does it mean for athletes to engage in social change, philanthropy and work within the community? The Forum aims to examine and provide diverse perspectives in the intersection of athletes and social change and represents a partnership between the Muhammad Ali Center, the University of Louisville and Brown University.
Pitch In For Baseball: “The Red Cross of Baseball”
Pitch In For Baseball’s President, former MLB all-star Roy Smalley III, puts it this way, “as communities get on their feet it’s important to restore a sense of normalcy and nothing is more normal than youngsters taking the baseball fields in the Spring. We hope helping replacing some of the baseball equipment that was lost will allow these people to focus upon rebuilding their lives.”
Caption: Pat Doherty, President of Oceanside American LL, carries a box to its new home

Project Goal: A Worthy One at That
Two afternoons a week you can find close to 80 aspiring soccer players in classrooms well after school ends. They are there not because they have to be, but because they want to be. For the past decade Project Goal has offered more than 500 students the opportunity to improve academically, while receiving top-notch coaching from former soccer professionals and certified coaches. All at no cost to the kids. Jim Hummel finds it’s a mix that is yielding impressive results.

Great Sporting Legends to Attend Laureus World Sports Awards in Rio de Janeiro
Proceeds from the Laureus World Sports Awards directly benefit and underpin the work of the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, which supports over 140 community sports projects around the world. Since its inception, Laureus has raised €60 million for projects which have improved the lives of more than one-and-a-half million young people.

The Steve Patterson Award for Excellence in Sports Philanthropy (Call for Nominations)
The Patterson Award honors the legacy of Steve Patterson, whose outstanding basketball career was surpassed only by his giving heart, unwavering optimism, unifying leadership, and dedication to improving the lives of others.

NCAA’s new helmet-to-helmet rule will force college football players to relearn how to tackle
The NCAA forced the issue this week by recommending a rule that will eject anyone who is flagged for targeting a defenseless player. “The tool we have is playing time,” said Rogers Redding, secretary-editor of the NCAA football rules committee and national coordinator of officials. “The committee said we’ve got to get this play out of the game.”–ncaa-s-new-helmet-to-helmet-rule-will-force-college-football-players-to-relearn-how-to-tackle-174052423.html
Back On Top: Serena becomes oldest No. 1 at 31
Serena Williams spent most of the past week downplaying the prospect of returning to the top of the rankings. Then it happened and she couldn’t hold back the tears.–ten.html
All Sports encourages kids to strive to reach their potential
“All Sports Community Service” has been around for 20 years. It was started by Tyrone Keys, who once played in the NFL for the Chicago Bears and was on the team when they won a Super Bowl. “‘I’ve always got time for every young person that’s willing to give back to society. I’m willing to give a hand up,” Keys said.
Age and Size Stand Out, but So Does Talent
The Downey Christian School varsity basketball team bursts from the locker room in single file, led by a boy 14 inches shorter than the next smallest player, four years younger than the next youngest.
Newman plays and practices with intensity, sinking 100 free throws, 200 floaters and 200 jump shots every day. Gary Bogdon for The New York Times

Postgame Autographs On Saturday Highlight Big Week For Panthers In Community
Sunrise Sports & Entertainment announced today that the Florida Panthers will host three community events over the next week as part of the team’s “7th Man” initiative including a postgame autograph session on Saturday, hospital visit on Friday and a Panthers LIVE! event on Tuesday night.
NHL’s Washington Capitals to Host Hockey ‘n Heels
The event is held exclusively for Club Scarlet members and features instructional lessons and on-ice demonstrations targeted towards the Capitals female audience. Hockey ‘n Heels is held each season and provides female fans the opportunity to learn about hockey from players and coaches. Previous Hockey ‘n Heels have sold out within minutes.
Women are making fast progress in the National Hot Rod Association
The Force sisters and Erica Enders-Stevens are among the many female drivers not only competing but winning events on the circuit, and some of them will participate in the Winternationals in Pomona starting Thursday.,0,2749261.story
NHL winner of 2013 Communitas Award; NHL Green recognized as leader in ethical and environmental responsibility
The Communitas Awards judges determined that the “National Hockey League clearly exhibits the spirit of communitas, a Latin word that means people coming together for the good of a community.” The League was recognized for its full portfolio of environmental initiatives, including efforts in food recovery, water restoration and renewable energy.
PETA Names Top 10 Vegetarian-Friendly NBA Arenas
These days, more and more hearty vegetarian meals are popping up at sports venues across the continent. So, after years of ranking the most vegetarian-friendly Major League Baseball parks and NFL stadiums, PETA has surveyed the top vegetarian-friendly NBA arenas, and the results are in.