Laguna Hills Chiropractor Collects Donations for UC Irvine Swimming and Diving Team

This is being included mostly to highlight the fact that many university sports, i.e. non-football and basketball, find themselves in a similar position. Either they have been targeted for elimination or at least a reduction in support. Fundraising – you can call it financing – for these sports mirrors what we have seen for many youth sports programs and even for international sporting federations. The saviors in these situations often are the ones who are most passionate; those who sustain the program must come from a larger group.

Dr Scott Neubauer of Coastal Health and Fitness hosts fundraiser benefiting Anteater Swimming and Diving Foundation to reinstate the swim and dive programs at UC Irvine

// PRLog (Press Release)Aug 17, 2009 – (Laguna Hills, CA) On Thursday, August 20, Coastal Health and Fitness is hosting a fundraiser in support of the Anteater Swimming and Diving Foundation. Coastal Health and Fitness, under the ownership of Dr. Scott Neubauer, is offering a free exam and treatment in exchange for a minimum $60 donation to the Anteater Swimming and Diving Foundation.

The Anteater Swimming and Diving Foundation was formed in response to the August 1, 2009 decision to eliminate the men’s and women’s swimming, diving, rowing and sailing teams from UC Irvine’s intercollegiate athletics roster. The foundation hopes to raise sufficient funds to reinstate the swimming and diving programs.

While UCI has stated that they will honor all scholarships as agreed for the 2009-10 academic year, dozens of student athletes, coaches and support staff suddenly find themselves unable to compete.

A UC Irvine graduate himself, Dr. Neubauer reports, “I went through this in the early 90s as a student when UCI cancelled our baseball program.” He continues that he is “just trying to help these student-athletes however possible.” Donations made to the office of Coastal Health and Fitness on Thursday, August 20, entitle the donor to an exam, chiropractic treatment, taping services and Active Release Technqiue therapies. Dr. Neubauer explained to us that he reduced his usual rate by more than half in order to entice people to giving. “It’s a terrible time for the foundation and these kids to raise funds. I’m giving away a valuable service hoping more people will donate to the foundation.”  (The press release continues at